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COOLSCULPTING ELITE ® is the most advanced CoolSculpting technology on the market. Common treatment areas are under the chin, belly and love handles, but it can work anywhere you have pinchable fat!  Coolsculpting works by freezing and destroying fat in targeting areas where the stubborn fat lies. The fat then naturally dissipates over a 4–12-week period (8 weeks on average) for noticeable results. 


A range of NEW AND IMPROVED applicator designs are used to complement the body's natural curves for an improved fit and better comfort than the older models. The fat is exposed to an average of 15-18% more cooling area than the older devices so you can lose more fat with each treatment!  This is the only practice on Cape Cod with this new technology and the only practice that has an advanced practice NP performing the treatments, one who has also been trained in advanced coolsculpting techniques, and who has performed thousands of treatments! There is no down time with this treatment and results are natural in appearance and long lasting even with some fluctuation of diet and weight changes. 

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